Yard Art Can Be Cool, Too

Everyone knows the adjective that’s supposed to precede yard art. In fact it looks a little odd seeing “yard art” right there without it. We all know the word, so say it with me: Tacky. The term has become so tightly bound to yard art that it’s beginning to bring down the art as a whole. Well we say no more, here is proof that yard art can in fact be cool, too.

Sly Fox by Gatski Metal  


“We see beauty and inspiration in our surrounding landscape, our rural lifestyle, and the reclaimed. And we want to share that with you,” say Kate and Ben Gatski, and their connection to nature shows through their work. Every piece is handmade to give each one it’s own look. Isn’t it cute?

Next, we’ll show you a piece of yard art that is dynamic in nature.

Tank Bells by Ed Kidera


Imagine this dynamic piece of yard art in the form of handmade bells in your garden. The bells, made out of scuba tanks to fire extinguishers, each make their own unique sound.

Chicken by Bill Hickman


Artist Bill Hickman’s somewhat crude approach gives his work a lively personality. Hickman uses a variety of scrap objects in his work, including barbed wire, nails and saw blades.

So we’ve shown you some traditionally styled yard art, now for some contemporary examples.

Abstract 12″ Half Circle by Hidden Glass Studio


Modern yard art just became a thing.

Wave Gate by David Freedman


I mean, this is just an awesome gate. Am I right?

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