Why You Should Group-Gift This Year

It can be tempting to shower your loved ones with tons of tiny gifts and stocking stuffers, but studies suggest that they’ll appreciate one larger, more thoughtful gift in the long run.  So why not take advantage of group-gifting to pool your efforts with family and friends and chip in for one really impressive gift for those extra special people in your life? 

Research shows that one well-considered, more expensive gift is likely to fair better in the recipient’s mind than a lot of little gifts. And did you know that  pairing a larger, more impressive gift with a smaller stocking-stuffer actually diminishes the effect of the better gift? This is due in part to the averaging effect.

People lump multiple experiences that occur around the same time into one memory with an average emotional value. So that $200 designer floor lamp suddenly becomes much less impressive next to the $10 table runner you wrapped it with. Well, enough of that.

Group-gifting: Exponentially better!

If you’re thinking, “How am I supposed to afford an amazing gift for everybody!?” don’t panic, because there’s a solution. You can pool small contributions from family and friends to bump your budget way up.  And you know a bigger budget opens you up to  higher caliber gifts.

"Folded Dollar" by Michael Fitts
“Folded Dollar” by Michael Fitts

If organizing your family is anything like mine, you’re probably thinking “Big hassle!” but fear not, the age of crowdfunding is on our side.  And I’m willing to bet you’ll get a response from every generation in your family by simply group texting the younger relatives with a link and emailing the older ones.

There are several sites designed specifically for chipping in on group gifts and they are super easy for every generation to use. They allow you to set up a gift campaign, invite others to chip in, set deadlines, and create group cards for the recipient.  Here are three right off the bat:

Choosing the Right Gift

We know, coordinating everyone is just one hurdle.  The other is getting them to agree on a group gift.  Tell them research indicates that the more personal it is, the better. So why not give your recipients something that transports them to fond memories, or connects deeply with their passions or dreams?  With a group gift, you could commission an artist to turn a beloved shared story such as this:

into humorous, show-stopping art, like this:


As art-lovers and makers, we believe a personal work of art, either commissioned specifically for your recipient or bought with a special connection in mind, is the ultimate gift. And StoriesToArt offers art for all budgets! From artisan furniture and fine handmade jewelry, to exquisite statement pieces and wearable art, we encourage you to Browse Commission Samples or Existing Artwork for ideas.

And, if you want to avoid making a decision about what to give, just email elizabeth.williams@storiestoart.com for personalized gifting advice. Or you can check out The Art of Gift-Giving for more tips.


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