Why Exhibit on StoriesToArt.com?

Online art sales are higher than ever right now, and are only predicted to grow. Something can be said about the fact that while overall art sales contracted between 2015 and 2016, online sales actually grew and now represent 7% of the total marketplace. While sales from art shows and brick-and-mortar galleries may be declining, the online marketplace remains a beacon of light for working artists who wish to stay ahead of the game.

StoriesToArt seeks to help artists navigate the shift from physical to digital sales by offering a unique and accessible way to sell work and gain clients from the comfort of their home computers. Fine artists and artisans can offer their original, one-of-a-kind pieces and, along with poets and songwriters, samples of commissionable pieces via a user-friendly platform. Developed by artists and for artists, StoriesToArt encourages makers of all kinds to show their work across multiple venues, and promotes their individual efforts across various platforms including:

  • Exclusive artist interviews and video spotlights on their blog
  • Paid online advertising across Facebook, Google, and more
  • Targeted email marketing featuring individual artists and their work
  • Featured work on the site homepage, rotated monthly
  • Daily posts and artist shoutouts on our active social media channels

An avid artist and art-buyer herself, Founder and CEO Tracy Landon noticed a hole in the marketplace in 2014 and an opportunity to fill it: the ability for buyers to select and commission works based on keywords and search filters specific to their own personal stories and shared memories. Some of the more unique filter categories include “Artwork Underlying Themes” which artists can apply to their own work on the site to increase the likelihood that someone will connect with, and ultimately, purchase a piece.

Regarding commissions, a 50% non-refundable deposit is collected and artists are given the flexibility to set their own commission timelines and deactivate as needed via a unique online commission process. Through company provided email accounts synced to artists’ personal emails, customers and artists collaborate by a limited number of emails to ensure the non-returnable pieces being commissioned truly capture the customers’ stories. StoriesToArt also provides their artists with lucrative opportunities to collaborate with charitable organizations through their nonprofit StoriesToArt Gives Back.

Artists may apply to exhibit on StoriesToArt or by initially emailing 3-5 pieces of art, poetry, or music and at least one story as inspiration to artistsupport@storiestoart.com for feedback.




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