What We Offer

StoriesToArt offers original artwork, poetry, and music that tells your stories. By using our search filters and keywords, you can find or commission 2D and 3D works that tell your story in the following categories: 



Fiber Art



Mixed Media






and more…

And additionally available for commission are one-of-a-kind:

Songs Poetry

How do you find existing art that tells your stories? 

Just Browse Existing Artwork and use our filters and search for keywords that relate to the story or memory you have in mind!

How do you commission an artist to tell your story?

Browse Commissioned Artwork, use filters and keywords to refine your search, and choose a commission sample you like. Then, click “Get Started,” to describe the story you want to express, attach images for reference, and add any additional notes for the artist. From there, depending on the price of the piece, you and the artist will communicate a set number of times until the piece is completed!

You may also contact us directly for Commission Advice and Gift Ideas.

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