Wendy Ellertson’s Leather Mythic Creatures

“I have always loved the feel of fine leather and am intrigued by it as a sculptural medium.  For me, creating mythic creatures from materials which have had a previous life is ultimately appropriate… May they encourage your sense of adventure and creation of story.”

Wendy Ellertson breathes mystifying life into fine leather and found materials in the form of her mythic creatures. Specializing in Dragons, Avians, Star Wanders and Stump Critters alike, Ellertson has spent the last 40 years crafting a universe of legendary figures, each one produced with such careful love and skill you’d swear they were real. 

“As an artist I try to make sense of the world through story, practice and my hands. I tap into the swirling creative energy of the world, share it and encourage the creativity of others for the perspective and understanding it can bring to life.”

We cannot get enough of Wendy’s awe-inspiring creations. Here are 5 of our favorite:

“Terus the Timid”


Story: “A while ago, I was walking in a medieval hill town in Tuscany, when I spotted a stone on the path just in front of me. It looked like a dragon snout. During my travels I usually pick up a few stones – thinking of the stories held in them. This one I gathered, planning to make it the beginning of a fierce rearing dragon. However, my creatures have a way of asserting their own personalities. Terus ended up timid, not fierce. He thinks Western Dragons get a bad reputation.”






Story: “This winsome creature prances through the universe collecting energy through his blue crystals. Ever the faithful companion, he seeks out others to befriend and join in journeying. It is hard to stay completely serious when in the company of Krystuli.”




Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!