The Ceramic Art Process



There are many countless varieties of ceramic art, but we love the ceramic pottery of Tria Turrou so much we’re going to show you the process behind her vibrant, spellbinding work specifically. 

1.) Start with clay


It can be a small bit of clay or an incredibly large pile, as in this case.


2.) Shape it on a pottery wheel


Patrick Swayze is optional for this step.


3.) Time to Paint

If only we all had the painting skills of Tria. She makes it look easy.


4.) Kiln it up


Do you think it’s hard on potters, that they have to worry about having left both the oven and the kiln on?


5.) Pre-Glaze


Fresh out of the kiln and ready for the final step.


6.) Glaze ’em like they’re Krispy

They won’t taste like donuts, but they’ll look just as beautiful. Have you ever seen pottery quite like this?


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