Telling Your Story Through Collage

The connection between collage and storytelling is inextricable. Throughout the long and varied history of collage art, one underlying concept has remained: the transformation of fragments into a new whole that takes on a greater meaning than the individual parts. Storytelling, much in the same way, is the taking of fragmented events and creating of a new and greater whole:
the story.

These collages from our artists epitomize the connection between collage and storytelling:

“Family Photo Collage” By Elizabeth Williams | Digital Photography


“You were always there, growing up. Not physically, but in that omniscient ‘Dad’ sort of way. When I think back to those golden childhood days, you’re always there, smiling awkwardly and watching over us, cracking bad jokes and firing up the grill — even when you weren’t.”

“Wedding Shoes” by Casey Lowry | Mixed Media


“We got married in a little chapel, the chaplain was the only guest. After the service, he took a picture of our shoes. We have been growing together ever since.”

“Large Personal Narrative Painting” By Serena Stevens | Painting


You can have Serena, or any artist you see here, turn your own personal story into a collage!

“My Grandmother’s Death” by Elizabeth Williams | Digital Photography


“What I remember most about you is the sky. Picking okra at 4 in the morning, you would always point up at that big, blue Texas sky as the sun rose and ask me if it was worth it. It was.”

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