Summer Inspired Art for Your Home

Summer is in full effect so we picked out our top 5 summer-inspired pieces from our gallery. Enjoy!

Squeeze” by Isaac Smith | Colored Pencil 15″ x 15″


“Pull the trigger,” he said. “I double dog dare you.”

Sea Glass Bracelet” by Elyse Clark | Jewelry Art 7″


Elyse Clark can turn the sea glass from your beach trip into
a stunning bracelet! See how.


Cream Soda” by Serena Stevens | Oil Painting 40″ x 35″ x 2″


“‘The days grow hot and California’s beautiful girls spangle the beaches.
Special season of the young.’ It’s fleeting.”


It Was This Big” by Nym Pedersen | 3D Mixed Media


And it gets a little bigger every time…


Wedding Shoes” by Casey Lowry | Mixed Media 21.5″ x 16″ x 1″


“We got married in a little chapel, the chaplain was the only guest.
After the service, he took a picture of our shoes.
We have been growing together ever since.”


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