Less is More With These Remarkable Mini Sculptures

You don’t want to miss these mini sculptures from Amber Harrison, Jedediah Voltz and more.

Amber Harrison’s Mini Objects


Amber Harrison creates a plethora of fun and endearing mini sculptures. Perhaps what stands out the most about her sculptures are the (fully operational) kinetically engineered parts, such as hinges and turning knobs, which often reveal a hidden functionality behind each piece. The metal radio above, for example, doubles as a tea infuser.

Kim Clough’s Food Sculptures


Mini sculpting is but a hobby for Kim Clough, but you wouldn’t tell by the quality of her work. Used to decorate dollhouses, the mini food sculptures are made using clay, a needle, colored chalk pastels, a rock and a razor blade. Each takes Kim only about 1-3 hours to complete.


Salavat Fidai’s Pencil Sculptures


Russian artist Salavat Fidai sculpts pop culture icons into the lead of pencils using only a craft knife and magnifying glass. Having just recently becoming a full-time artist, Fidai finds these sculptures to be the most meditative of his work.


Jedediah Voltz’s Mini Tree Houses


Jedediah Voltz’s builds spectacular mini tree houses around household plants for his sculpture series titled Somewhere Small. Voltz constructs each tree house from scratch using wood, silk fabric, miniature artworks and semi precious stones. The result is an imaginative and highly detailed sculpture.


Mina Cerrachio’s Baby Sculptures


These sculptures are so realistic it’s hard to believe they’re clay. Sculptor Mini Cerrachio starts with only a block of polymer clay and some dental tools and creates the hyper-realistic baby sculptures you see above. When asked why she chose babies, Cerrachio replied “I love the newness and promise that a newborn baby brings, which is why I prefer to sculpt this particular baby milestone.”

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