Artist Terms and Conditions

Last updated: April 23, 2017


Thank you for your interest in StoriesToArt. StoriesToArt, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company, (“StoriesToArt,” “we,” or “our”) provides a marketplace (the “Service”) for selling and purchasing original (“Existing”) and commissioned (“Commissioned”) works of art (including all 2D and 3D fine art, fine crafts, industrial designs, poems, animation, lyrics, compositions, and audio files) (“Artwork”) through our website accessible at (the “Site”). Continue reading “Artist Terms and Conditions”

Why Stories Matter

There are countless events unfolding around us every moment, but it’s the ones we remember and tell stories about that truly define who we are. That’s how House of Nod, an emmy-winning production company, decided to interpret the question “Why do stories matter?” in the form of an inspirational one-minute film. Watch the film below and then read the interview with creative director of House of Nod, Robert Kolodny, about the importance of telling stories.

Why Do Stories Matter? That’s Like Asking Why You Should Eat from Contently on Vimeo.

About Us

Tracy Landon, CEO and Founder

Tracy Landon, Founder and CEO

Tracy, Founder, is an artist who spent her career as a special education teacher and leader in education.  She holds a Doctorate from the University of Virginia in Special Education.  Tracy has always had a passion to create and to help others. Continue reading “About Us”

Artist Interview: Elizabeth Williams

Q: What does ‘being an artist’ mean to you?
A: Tough question! For me, and as a songwriter specifically, being an artist means having the courage to make the personal public and to put growth and discovery at the forefront of everything. Question yourself, wrangle with those difficult emotions, never stop learning, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because communication is crucial. Lately I’ve been think of art as a way of seeing and communicating about the world — I think perhaps a more intuitive and challenging way than most. It’s about reaching out to others and saying, “Hey, here’s what I see and feel— what about you? Please join me.” I guess being an artist is really about being vulnerable, and never quitting. Continue reading “Artist Interview: Elizabeth Williams”