Escape to a Magical World with James Carlin’s Gateway Cottages

James Carlin combines childlike imagination with a multitude of handmade and computer-aided design techniques to create fine furniture that is as inspiring and creative as it is functional. Get ready to be blown away…

“As a former teacher, I created Gateway cottages for children and adolescents who love creativity, and want a lifestyle of both contemplation and social interaction.” —James Carlin

Carlin’s whimsical cottage sets are nothing short of magic, and beautifully illustrate how the power of fine art and craftsmanship can inspire and transport us to imaginative worlds. Carlin’s furniture serves as a perfect example of how we can enhance our creativity and sense of well-being by heightening our surroundings.

While some of the more intricate designs are cut using the aide of computerized technology, the vast majority of Carlin’s designs are made by hand, including all the joinery and metal hinges. And let’s not forget the fantastical paint jobs, also dreamed up and hand-painted by the artist.

Carlin notes that no two furniture pieces are alike, on account of his emphasis on showing the natural beauty and grain of the wood. He finishes every piece himself to ensure the quality, and individuality, of every work.

“The lower room is designed as a study/studio space. It has a large window that doubles as a stage for performances. The loft, accessed by a ladder, is meant as a quiet space and has a sofa that can fold down flat as a bed. “

What strikes us most about this cottage set is how much of a win-win it is: it both elevates the look and feel of your home and simultaneously offers your kids a safe space to explore their creativity and sense of independence.

For a truly incredible child/adolescent experience, look no further than one of James Carlin’s Gateway Cottages, available both as a full package (including all custom furniture and paintwork) or as a stand-alone structure with artisan furniture sold separately.

If the kids are gone and you’re looking for a slightly more grown-up addition to your space, be sure to check out Carlin’s other fine furniture creations.

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