Epic Wish 2019

A 2019 Blessing Poem
By Alicia Cole

What do you wish for when you have art and air
And the breathing day beneath your feet?
You wish for what you need, and for the needs of all,
You wish so that the world does not fall
Into darkness and the unfair trifling of bigger things.

And so this coming year, these wishers have met
To wish fair things on themselves, and spread
It round. Here, with full sound:
“That we all learn to listen a little more,” says Liz,
Which says most, if not all of it, the wishes in this world—

For, now, be ready, you are ready also, to enter,
And learn. Kate would like to be her best. Christine, good health,
And that no child dies of cancer. Global prosperity for all,
Says Bob. Love, from Maria. To be like the willow tree
And bend (Logan). And we all grow, and we all get healthy,

And all the children survive, and there is money for all,
And love, and bending, and the green wealth of growth,
For reading the wishes of others is to wish them yourself.
Wishes are magic. And now even adults know this,
Learning, green sprigs that we now are, flying into the wind,

Full of grace and fury and hope for the children.
See, we can do it also, we wish to say to them!
See, we understand wishes! And we’re all holding hands,
Wishing, even the silent among us, who would not like
To be named, but who cry out: Healthcare for all;

More support for local businesses; that the drones
Don’t kill us. (But remember, only we kill ourselves.)
Let’s communicate with Ola, “a heart beating full of fun”,
For this is “the measure and bond that frees relationships.”
Let’s go parasailing with Tom, “in some exotic place.”

Let’s go parasailing everywhere, with the parasails
In our hearts, and the real parasails, and know everywhere
As new and everywhere as familiar. For what is exotic
But the familiar we haven’t yet tasted? And then everything
Is exotic and fragile and tame, and everything is the new year.

We are all wearing little pink umbrellas in the drinks of our hearts.
We are all wearing little pink umbrellas in the drinks of our heads.
There is no exotic. There is just us. Us! And the turning year.
And my wish for you: to be everything and everyone
And so fully understand yourself and humanity and art. This year.

This year’s StoriesToArt wishes that inspired the poem and the contributors for whom we are thankful:

 To be happy, lose weight, get a good job, good health and year-round happiness for the family. Let no child die of cancer.  – Christine
 Financial security and fulfilling ambitions.  – John
 One thousand wishes. – Ty
 That we all learn to listen a little more.  – Liz
 To be my best self way more often than not – Kate
 Global prosperity that lifts all boats!  – Bob
 Love – Maria
 My wish for 2019 is for people to remember to be kind. – Tonya
 My wish is that we move pass liking in order to listen, and seeking to apply proven logic over passions to move forward in the positive. That all human biases be replaced with intelligent curiosity and open interest to move past
projected otherness….ZOOOOM! – Turtel
 My greatest wish for 2019 is to focus on growing, from a heart beating full of fun. Aware that communication is the measure and bond that frees relationships. – Ola
 To get in my cardio 5 days a week – Mary
 To learn how to cook something, anything – Maggie
 To stop eating fried food – Alice
 To win a Karaoke competition – Emma
 To finish writing my book – Kyle
 To be like the willow tree and bend – Logan
 To let others’ negativity bounce off me – Jeff
 To eat more sandwiches for dinner – Ed
 To get my dream job – Mason
 To parasail in some exotic place – Tom
 A cure for the common cold
 Healthcare for all
 More support for local businesses
 Less small talk
 That the drones don’t kill us
 Less social media, more social experience
 More diversity in mainstream media
 That my grandpa learns how to turn off capslock when he texts
 That my nephew doesn’t break any windows with the baseballs I gifted him
 That my cat keeps waking up my partner at 5am and not me

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