Epic Wish 2018

For Stories to Art, this has been a big year

            The very first one for our team!

But we also have very big dreams in our hearts

            For the year two thousand eighteen


So recycle those champagne bottles

            Hit the gym and eat those black-eyed peas

As for us? We’re all counting our hopes for next year

            And so far, we have come up with these:


We have artists who wish for compassion

            That all children (and pets!) will find homes

Some of us wish for peace, or to help cure disease

            Or to move past the hardships we’ve known


We hope this year, we’ll care for our planet

            (Or at least we won’t make it blow up)

For good luck, motivation, or new inspiration

            Or for loved ones to safely grow up


We might start this year dreaming for children

            Teach them love, give them food, show them hope

Or we might wish for health (and for healthcare to all!)

            Or to chill out and just learn to cope


And…well…politics, frankly, are on many minds

            After recent years have left us reeling

We’ve decided to not give specifics on that

            But for many of us, well, they have feelings


Then there’s dreams we could call more “unique” (and then some)

            The giraffe Ty’s hoped for all along

We wish for listening and gratitude, but in the meantime

            Karen’s daughter might text back her mom


And that’s only a few of our wishes this year          

            Now let’s work hard to make them come true

Two thousand eighteen is a big year for us

            And we’re glad to be starting with you

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