Dinner Games that Spark Imagination

You know what’s coming before the words even leave Grandma’s mouth. The subtle side-eye before slowly turning your way, clasping both hands together as she places them on the table… “So… when can we expect a grandkid?”… “When are you getting that promotion?”… “Having seconds are we?”

No one knows exactly why Thanksgiving conversations are notoriously negative, but we do know that they don’t have to be. If conversation starts to go sour or you think it will soon, try out one of these games to promote meaningful conversation and keep the vibes positive.

Share your favorite memory and spark imaginations 

Some families like to share what they’re thankful for at Thanksgiving. Sharing a favorite memory in addition to this can help keep the positivity going.

After someone shares their story, have others at the table discuss how they would picture the story as a work of art, a song, or a poem. Not only will this generate a creative outlet for pent-up minds, it will also have everyone focusing on the good times.

Go through a grandparent’s memory box

This is similar to the first game, but it puts the focus at the top of the family tree.

Go through one of your elder’s memory boxes and have the family talk about  the contents. If you find anything you’d like to immortalize as a work of art, come and commission something from one of our amazing artists. We have many different commission options, including the option of combining various photos and items into a collage. Check out all of our commission options and get the whole family to chip in to give the best gift of the year!

Go in with a solid plan to keep the conversation positive and your Thanksgiving holiday could be one for the memory box!


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