Design Tips for Fall: Using Fiber Art As Your Focal Point

Every great room has one common denominator: a fabulous focal point.  It’s where your eye naturally wanders when you behold any great space.  Similarly, every cozy room shares one simple element: inviting textures. So why not start with cozy fiber art as the focal point? By letting your focal point inform the rest of your design decisions, you can create a cohesive space that feels considered and warm without over-embellishing.

Picture a rich art quilt cascading down an entrance wall, a tapestry enveloping your dinner guests, or a whimsical rug adding that welcoming feel to your kitchen or living room. And while you’re at it, why not take advantage of your focal point by making it a worthy conversation piece? Choosing art with a personal connection to you or your family is an elegant way to create a balanced, meaningful space while also impressing the dinner guests.

"Custom Wall Hanging" by Rachel Derstine
“Custom Wall Hanging” by Rachel Derstine

Once you’ve nailed your focal point, build off of it by layering in other personally-driven art to accent the room.  Consider mixed media for texture, two-dimensional pieces for color, and some sculpture to bring depth and weight to your space. These extra touches will turn a generic design into your own personal statement.

Once you’ve chosen those must have pieces, let your art guide the décor project! Just pick two or three colors from the pieces you love most and work your way from there. You may want to choose the dominant color in the fiber art and accentuate just a few additional colors from the other pieces you’ve chosen. Then, keep those colors in mind as you choose your fabric and wall paint.  It’s a whole lot easier than agonizing over fabric swatches and paint chips as your starting point!

By basing your décor off of a few select works of art that hold personal meaning to you, you invite a whole new level of intentionality and warmth to your home. Who doesn’t want that?

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