Cozy Up for Fall!

Fall brings breathtaking beauty and comfort with its dramatic foliage and cooler temperatures, but the season change foretells of potential downsides, too — shorter days, an empty nest, and hectic holidays on the horizon can send many of us over the deep end!  Luckily, being proactive can keep doomsday at bay, and reconnecting with our living space can keep fall stress-free!

Featured artwork: “Looking Beyond 2” by Rachel Derstine


1. Carve out a resting space.  First, take the house tour test.  Walk a guest through your home and note when you either close off a room, apologize profusely for its appearance, or are reminded of a loved one’s absence.  Bingo!  You just found your resting space.

2. De-clutter that sucker. You’ll be amazed at how much clearing a room can clear your mind. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our tips for de-cluttering to help you get moving.

3. Neutralize and decorate. Once you’ve got your blank slate, plan your resting space with these tried and true tips:

  • Select a neutral color palette as the “base” for your decorating. Most neutrals have a hint of color, so check the paints and fabrics under different light sources to make sure they really form harmonious neutral color combinations.
  • Note where the natural light flows and extend it by hanging mirrors that reflect the light to darker areas of the room. Look at your room as if it were a black-and-white photograph.
  • Make your neutral color palettes interesting by varying textures, patterns, materials and finishes of furniture, curtains, rugs and throws. Think of texture as light-and-shade patterns.
  • Beware of the effects of too much white and too much black.
  • Keep the décor simple and to scale. Too much stuff and furniture that is too big can quickly turn Zen into mayhem. Make sure windows and doors aren’t blocked and there’s at least 3 feet clearance for any place you need to walk through.

4. Warm it up! In keeping with the spirit of the season, add splashes of fall colors colors, textures, and autumn artwork that highlight the undertones of your neutral colors and connect you with your environment.

5. Bring nature inside. Just looking at nature can bring those cortisone levels down, so finish your space with elements of nature.  Include the obvious: natural materials, and natural light, and try adding a tropical twist or some autumn fruits and vegetables.

6. Rest up and ready yourself. Time to sit back, relax, and let your newly revived space rejuvenate your soul. We all need and owe ourselves a place to truly rest and feel restored in order to thrive during the coming months.

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