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Unforgettable Wedding Gifts

No one can argue that a couple’s wedding day is one of the most incredible and important days of their life. In one beautiful, crazy ritual, two people join hands, jump off the proverbial cliff of singledom and, with incredible trust and love, hope for the best. Such a powerful commitment deserves an equally powerful (and one-of-a-kind) gift to commemorate and remind the couple of the meaning behind the ceremony and beauty of that day.

This season, we challenge you to rise above the registry and opt for something truly unique that the couple will remember forever. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas: (more…)

Why Stories Matter

There are countless events unfolding around us every moment, but it’s the ones we remember and tell stories about that truly define who we are. That’s how House of Nod, an emmy-winning production company, decided to interpret the question “Why do stories matter?” in the form of an inspirational one-minute film. Watch the film below and then read the interview with creative director of House of Nod, Robert Kolodny, about the importance of telling stories.

Why Do Stories Matter? That’s Like Asking Why You Should Eat from Contently on Vimeo.