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The Art of Gift Giving

Ah, the so-called “perfect gift.” We all want to give gifts that reflect a real connection between our gift recipients and us, but how do you find that one, shiny, oh-so-elusive object that singlehandedly captures the essence of your recipient’s personality or conveys a shared story? Simple:



Telling Your Story Through Collage

The connection between collage and storytelling is inextricable. Throughout the long and varied history of collage art, one underlying concept has remained: the transformation of fragments into a new whole that takes on a greater meaning than the individual parts. Storytelling, much in the same way, is the taking of fragmented events and creating of a new and greater whole:
the story.

These collages from our artists epitomize the connection between collage and storytelling:


The Ceramic Art Process



There are many countless varieties of ceramic art, but we love the ceramic pottery of Tria Turrou so much we’re going to show you the process behind her vibrant, spellbinding work specifically.  (more…)

The Process of Shibori Dyeing

The ancient art of Japanese shibori dyeing dates all the way back to the 8th century, and inspired the much-loved craft we know today as “tie dye.” From the verb root shiboru, shibori means “to wring, squeeze, or press.” Traditional shibori technique is a delicate, time-intensive process, and can transform any fabric into a work of art.  Here’s how it works: (more…)