About Us

Tracy Landon, CEO and Founder

Tracy Landon, Founder and CEO

Tracy, Founder, is an artist who spent her career as a special education teacher and leader in education.  She holds a Doctorate from the University of Virginia in Special Education.  Tracy has always had a passion to create and to help others. Continue reading “About Us”

StoriesToArt.com: The Next Chapter In The Story Begins Now

As my son prepared to go to the Rhode Island School of Design, I had an epiphany. What defines me is my shared experiences with family and friends, my love of all things art, and an intense desire to help others. What surprises me is I left a career I loved to pursue a dream of deepening bonds among people through art, music and poetry told through shared stories and giving back to arts education. Continue reading “StoriesToArt.com: The Next Chapter In The Story Begins Now”