Epic Wish 2019

Epic Wish 2019

A 2019 Blessing Poem
By Alicia Cole

What do you wish for when you have art and air
And the breathing day beneath your feet?
You wish for what you need, and for the needs of all,
You wish so that the world does not fall
Into darkness and the unfair trifling of bigger things.

And so this coming year, these wishers have met
To wish fair things on themselves, and spread
It round. Here, with full sound: Continue reading “Epic Wish 2019”

Artist Interview: Renée Caouette, Emerging Contemporary Painter

Artist Interview with Renee Caouette | StoriesToArt

If you haven’t heard of Renée Caouette, we suspect you will soon. Her contemporary classical oil paintings have been starting impassioned conversations all around the art world.

Taking cues from her classical training, Renée has found a way of utilizing the skill and precision of the old masters to depict contemporary imagery that expresses both universal themes and deeply intimate experiences. In our interview with the artist, Renee reveals her creative process, sources of inspiration, and most prized works. Continue reading “Artist Interview: Renée Caouette, Emerging Contemporary Painter”

StoriesToArt.com is Live!

StoriesToArt is excited to announce its official entrance into the online art marketplace!


Launched on May 29, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA, StoriesToArt is a new kind of gallery — one with a unique focus on personal stories, one-of-a-kind work of all mediums, and the spirit of collaboration. StoriesToArt enables customers to select or commission exclusive pieces of art, poetry, or music directly inspired by their stories. The result is a powerful and personal work of art — for themselves or as the perfect gift — that allows professional artists to express their own styles based on customers’ creative input. Continue reading “StoriesToArt.com is Live!”