Design Tips for Fall: Using Fiber Art As Your Focal Point

Focus on Fiber

Every great room has one common denominator: a fabulous focal point.  It’s where your eye naturally wanders when you behold any great space.  Similarly, every cozy room shares one simple element: inviting textures. So why not start with cozy fiber art as the focal point? By letting your focal point inform the rest of your design decisions, you can create a cohesive space that feels considered and warm without over-embellishing. Continue reading “Design Tips for Fall: Using Fiber Art As Your Focal Point”

De-clutter without De-valuing

Are you emotionally paralyzed too?

If you’re like most of us, you wish you could de-clutter your home but you don’t have the heart to do it. Clutter stresses you out but the idea of parting with your stuff is simply unbearable. It’s a vicious cycle that just gets trickier when you’re living with a clutter lover.

A new study suggests we’re all in the same boat: We want to reduce clutter but are emotionally paralyzed when it comes to saying goodbye to it. We’re either too attached or believe our stuff is actually worth something.

So how do we get out of this rut? Here’s how I did it:

Continue reading “De-clutter without De-valuing”

Everyone Has A Story…

And that story — whether a shared moment, cherished memory, or even a vivid flight of imagination — is uniquely personal.

Art is personal, too. Every piece of art communicates special meaning through images, words, or sounds.

As both storytellers and artists, we wanted to come up with a way for these distinct creative processes to somehow become a one-of-a-kind collaboration for everyone. Like you, we believe that sharing memories and imaginations could help create a more colorful, compassionate and loving world.

And StoriesToArt was born.

StoriesToArt enables you to commission exclusive pieces of art, music, or poetry directly inspired by your stories. The result is a powerful and personal work of art — for yourself or as the perfect gift — that allows professional artists to express their own styles based on your creative input.

StoriesToArt connects art lovers to artists in a whole new way. Our commissions and original pieces are available in everyone’s price range, and there are even opportunities to obtain free art via our story contests.

Best of all, StoriesToArt Gives Back 5% to support artists and promote arts education nationwide.

Everyone has a story to tell, and we believe that any story can become a true work of art. With StoriesToArt, you’re invited to tap into your creative side like never before.

Want to get started? Here’s how it works.