How to Score This Valentine’s Day

Still searching for that perfect gift for your Valentine? Don’t waste time running to the store – up the romance on Valentine’s Day in 3 easy steps:

1. Pour two glasses of wine and reminisce together about your favorite shared memories.
2. Imagine that memory as art, and then actually have it created.
3. Soak up the love for your originality and thoughtfulness.

Browse our list of talented artists just waiting to make your shared memories into the perfect Valentine’s gift. Pick your favorite artist, poet, or musician and they’ll get right to work making a masterpiece for you and your lover to cherish forever.

Here’s a little Valentine’s love from us: Use code SCORE2019 at checkout to save 20% on your commission!

What is Fine Art?

What is Fine Art?

What is fine artwork? We at StoriesToArt wrestle with how to answer this daily.  Artists from across the country apply to exhibit with us and, as a curated gallery of fine art, we review their submissions and have the arduous task of deciding whether to represent them or not.  When we choose not to represent an artist, we frequently get asked for feedback as to why not.  Our answers vary depending on the artwork that was submitted but typically we encourage applicants that we reject to hone their skills and focus more on imaginative or thought provoking content.  We use a rubric to score artists’ submissions that includes the following:

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Artist Interview: Lora Hart, Jewelry Designer

I was excited to get a chance to interview Richmond, VA based jewelry designer Lora Hart and get a behind-the-scenes look at her beautiful, historically-inspired jewelry art. From her incorporation of gem stones to pictures loved ones, her work is sure to leave you breathless. Read on to learn more about her technique, inspiration, and musings:

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Epic Wish 2019

Epic Wish 2019

A 2019 Blessing Poem
By Alicia Cole

What do you wish for when you have art and air
And the breathing day beneath your feet?
You wish for what you need, and for the needs of all,
You wish so that the world does not fall
Into darkness and the unfair trifling of bigger things.

And so this coming year, these wishers have met
To wish fair things on themselves, and spread
It round. Here, with full sound: Continue reading “Epic Wish 2019”