“Serena’s Worlds” by Deyva Arthur

"Serena's Worlds" by Deyva Arthur

“I purchased this piece for my friend who is raising her granddaughter all on her own. If it weren’t for her kindness, I am not sure what would happen to the child. I bought this piece to remind her of the difference she is making in the child’s life. I absolutely cannot wait to see her face when she receives it! ” -Barbara

“Hope” by Elizabeth Williams

"Hope" by Elizabeth Williams

“Every time I look at Hope, a beautiful photograph by Elizabeth Williams, I am transported to childhood. Even though my mother would perm my hair and insist I wear fancy dresses, she also encouraged my sense of wonder and provided me with all kinds of creative outlets. Eventually she gave up on the dresses but never on my soul.” —Alice

Why Exhibit on StoriesToArt.com?

Online art sales are higher than ever right now, and are only predicted to grow. Something can be said about the fact that while overall art sales contracted between 2015 and 2016, online sales actually grew and now represent 7% of the total marketplace. While sales from art shows and brick-and-mortar galleries may be declining, the online marketplace remains a beacon of light for working artists who wish to stay ahead of the game.
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