Art Trends 2019


For the last several years, online art sales have risen at incredible rates. Valued at $1.57 billion in 2013, the online art market is now valued at $4.22 billion and is expected to reach $8.37 billion by 2023. With the rise of visual-based media outlets like Instagram, it’s becoming easier than ever to browse art online and find inspiration wherever we go. As both an art-lover and maker, I’m always interested in seeing how our culture’s visual tastes shift and grow, so I’ve done a little scouting and compiled my discoveries for 2019 art trends into this post. I won’t pretend to cover all the bases (that would be quite literally impossible), but I will invite you to read what I have and hope the information will serve you well!

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The Art of Conversation Pieces

Commission Sample by Serena Stevens

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a conversation with someone and suddenly realize you don’t actually care about whatever it is you’re discussing? Not in a rude way, just in a “how-are-my-neighbor’s-lawn-mowing-habits-really-enriching-my-life?” way. Well, if you do find yourself there, noticing is half the battle. The other half is replacing small talk with big talk—conversations worth having. Thankfully, art happens to inspire great big talk.

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The Heart of Art Collecting

The Heart of Art Collecting | StoriesToArt

The phrase “Art Collecting” has a tendency to conjure up images of esoteric libraries, hidden-door handshakes, and ungodly sums of cash. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are many types of art collectors. Some of us are, indeed, the crisp, white suits you may be visualizing, but some of us are also middle class mothers and fathers with a knack for finances and a deep love of the arts. While we may differ wildly in our appearances, careers, and bank accounts, there are a few things every art-collector understands.  Continue reading “The Heart of Art Collecting”

The Pink Tutu


“It was the summer of the lawn party. Birthday parties, and everybody was young. Late afternoon and we gathered with sweat-beaded glasses of lemonade. Our children tumbled by and we watched for signs of fatigue or trouble, but instead we were greeted by fireflies, early summer shadows, someone on the back porch with a guitar.

Painting by Serena Stevens
Painting by Serena Stevens

We gathered our children when it was time to leave. Our daughter, this was the year of the pink tutu. She wore it everywhere, over her clothes. On this day, over denim overalls, a diaper, and nothing else. One summer turns into twenty and our children duck into used cars. We wave to them from our own lawns now. Be careful, don’t speed, call when you get there—and they leave.

Painting by Amy Stone
Painting by Amy Stone

You get older. You forget so many things. Your glasses, your comb, and enormous scenes from your life. But some pictures remain. Some pictures cozy up inside you and never leave. On summer mornings, half awake, this is where you live: lightning bug tracers, clinking ice cubes, and a blue-eyed girl in a pink tutu, waving to you across the lawn.”

—Story By Jeff, age 58