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Online art sales are higher than ever right now. Valued at $1.57 billion in 2013, the online art market has grown to $3.27 billion in the last two years alone, and is expected to reach a whopping $9.58 billion by the end of the decade — an exciting time for artists, art-buyers (and us!) indeed.

As an artist, making what I love is a priority, and as an art-lover, keeping up-to-date on what art-buyers and the general public are interested in inspires me to redecorate and enhance my gifting plans (and I always want to do more of what I love). So, let’s check out these art trends for 2018. 

Trends in Visual Art

Purple is in!

Each year, the folks at Pantone send a handful of color experts out into the world to find out which colors people are gravitating toward (especially leaders in the arts, fashion, and entertainment industries). Their findings from last year have revealed that the color of 2018 is, in fact, ultra-violet.

“Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.”

Other bright, 80s-tinged colors (think pink, aqua, and mint) and metallic tones are also expected to blossom this year. Here’s an extensive list of colors predicted to be popular for interior design in 2018.

2D Trends

Wall art is all the rage right now, with a recent spike of interest in mixed media. A big theme of 2018 is breaking the mold and embracing the unexpected, which may be why more people are using mixed media to spice up their homes. Collage and digital art combining unexpected elements and embracing the “imperfect” have also been in high demand.

I#11 by: Wen Yu
I#11 by: Wen Yu. “My goal is to create projects that integrate art, story-telling and tangible material to evoke sensation through physical interaction and explore the line between digital and handcraft. My original inspiration was a combination of Bach’s fugues, traditional Chinese gardens and structural elements of post-modern architectures.”

In painting and photography, immersive landscapes and surreal scenery are taking the cake. Buyers are looking to art to transport them to other realms and expand their understanding of the world. Contrastingly, art-lovers are also showing more interest in work that highlights personal stories and intimate moments in people’s lives (we saw this one coming!).

Generally speaking, landscapes of all styles and figure studies have always proven popular and continue to find homes at a steady rate.

Blue Polka Dot Dress by: David McAlpine
Blue Polka Dot Dress by: David McAlpine. “I like the idea of a multimedia approach and use different materials to get at the subtlety and complexity of memories and emotions. This piece evokes a clear memory of my grandmother that includes shards and proof of her existence.”

Music and Poetry

A more mainstream appreciation of music that combines and traverses multiple genres speaks to 2018’s theme of “breaking the mold” (alternative hiphop and R&B are huge right now). Also, boy bands. That’s right — there’s going to be a boy band comeback in 2018, and you better be ready for it.

While the mainstream music industry continues to enjoy the success of streaming services, there seems to be a growing desire for more intimate and valued musical experiences, allowing platforms like Bandcamp and Downwrite to evolve. Listeners across the country are making an effort to support individual and unsigned musicians, and more unique sales platforms are growing to support and sustain those artists. More good news for us!

Free-verse and spoken word poetry are more popular today than their more traditional, rhythmic counterparts, although if used cleverly the older styles can be quite potent.


As predicted last year, the trend toward more meaningful gifts continues to grow. The personalized online gift market is expected to reach an astounding $31.6 billion by 2021! According to one report, people around the world are growing more generous by the day, noting that “The gifting culture is evolving with an increasing number of occasions when gifts are exchanged.” This is cause for celebration, if you ask me (so why not buy yourself a personal gift?).  😉

We hope this information inspires you to create and bring meaningful art into your homes and truly deepen your relationships by giving art that celebrates your shared stories. Be sure to follow our blog for future articles about what’s hot in the art world!







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