Art Trends 2016

As working artists, it helps to know about buyer preferences. Of course making what you love is a priority, but understanding what trends art-buyers and the general public are interested in can benefit your business in ways that allow you to make more of what you love. Here are some examples of what’s “in” right now – feel free to use them as inspirational springboards for your own work.

Trends in Visual Art

The online art marketplace is seeing an increase in preference for the color blue – especially for wall art. Pastels are also in extremely high demand this year (check out #Pantone’s Color of the Year). Online sales in street photography have dramatically increased since 2015, as have sales for large-scale “statement pieces” of works 5’ or bigger, and sculptural work (buyers are leaning toward tabletop and 3D wall pieces right now). Nudes, landscapes of all styles, and figure studies have always proven popular and continue to find homes at a steady rate. On a broader note, recently there has been increasing interest in minimalism and surrealism across the board.

Music and Poetry

Music and poetry are also faring well in the market. As for music, there has been a recent revival in the singer-songwriter genre and rock and pop continue to top the charts. Free-verse and spoken word poetry are more popular today than their more traditional, rhythmic counterparts, although if used cleverly the older styles can be quite potent (see here).


In general, the trend toward more meaningful gifts continues to grow, particularly in the online market, as can be seen by dramatic increases in sales in the gift market, particularly with regards to personalized ceramics, jewelry pieces, and portraiture.

We hope this information helps inspire and inform your work in the coming months. Be sure to follow our blog for future articles about what’s hot in the art world!








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