Adding StoriesToArt to your Google Contacts

Are you getting our emails?

Gmail likes to put our messages in the “Promotions” tab of your inbox, which helps keep your emails neat and organized. Trouble is, you may not check your promotions tab that often — maybe you didn’t even know it existed until just now!


If this sounds like you, you can tell Gmail to send our messages straight to your primary inbox by adding StoriesToArt to your Google contacts. Just follow the steps below:

1.) Find our message in your “Promotions” tab.


2.) Click and drag the message into your “Primary” tab.


3.) Click “Yes” to ensure all of our future emails will go directly to your primary inbox!


You’re all set!

OR you can follow option #2:

add STA to contacts 1

add STA to contacts 2

add STA to contacts 3

add STA to contacts 4

add STA to contacts 5

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