Unforgettable Wedding Gifts

No one can argue that a couple’s wedding day is one of the most incredible and important days of their life. In one beautiful, crazy ritual, two people join hands, jump off the proverbial cliff of singledom and, with incredible trust and love, hope for the best. Such a powerful commitment deserves an equally powerful (and one-of-a-kind) gift to commemorate and remind the couple of the meaning behind the ceremony and beauty of that day.

This season, we challenge you to rise above the registry and opt for something truly unique that the couple will remember forever. Here are some of our favorite gift ideas: (more…)

The Art of Gift Giving

Ah, the so-called “perfect gift.” We all want to give gifts that reflect a real connection between our gift recipients and us, but how do you find that one, shiny, oh-so-elusive object that singlehandedly captures the essence of your recipient’s personality or conveys a shared story? Simple:



De-clutter With Wendy’s Leather Dragon Book

A child’s stories and musings should never be forgotten, but it’s often hard to manage and store years of your child’s work without having it just sit in the basement. Nobody is going to see it or appreciate it there.

Wendy Ellertson’s Leather Dragon Book gives you an opportunity to not just keep your child’s stories, but show them off. Let’s be honest, who isn’t going to want to look inside a leather book shaped like a dragon? Even non-mythical stories can find a fitting home within the pages. It’s just that cool.

Still with us? I thought so. See our captivating interview with Wendy, where we discuss her leather dragon books in more detail, below: (more…)

Adding StoriesToArt to your Google Contacts

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